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BS Nursing | Overview of Program

The BSN Program fosters nursing knowledge, skills and professional attitude. The Main focus of the program is to prepare knowledge, clinically competent professional nurses who will be able to provide comprehensive care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels within hospitals and community settings, The program imparts theoretical knowledge and skills which are grounded in evidence based practice to ensure safe and high quality nursing care. in addition to theoretical knowledge and skills, the program aims to enhance critical thinking, decision making and communication skills.


Eligibility Criteria:

Fee Structure - (BSCN)

BSCN -4 Years ProgrammeFEE TYPEFEE
Admission FeeOnce                     30,000
Tuition FeeAnnual                   162,575
Misc / Lab / Library FeeAnnual                     11,000
Other FeeAnnual                     50,000

Board Verification, Registration Fee, University Fee & Examination Fee would be charged as per Actual.


LHV ( 02 Years Course )

Fee Structure - Session 2024-2025 (LHV)

2 Years Programme



Admission FeeOnce                     30,000
Tution FeeAnnual                   135,000
Board Varification, Registeration Fee, Universty Fee & Examination Fee would be charged as per Actual.
*LHV Student has to Pay Full Course Fee (300,000/-) otherwise his/her admission would’t be confirmed.

Study Scheme